Spelthorne Time Bank

Staines Congregational church supports our local Time Bank covering the Spelthorne area. We consider this to be a benefit to our local community.

What is a Time Bank?

  • A Time Bank is a system that allows you to exchange your time and skills in return for ‘time credits’ to spend with others in the community.
  • One hour of ‘help’ earns you one credit which, in turn, can be used for something you would like help with. All exchanges of ‘help’ are recorded and credited/debited to your personal Time Bank account.
  • Time Banking is not a replacement for services – it is intended to fill the support gap that was traditionally provided by extended family and neighbours.

Why use Time Banking?

  • It’s a great way to meet new people and help each other out.

What can be exchanged?

  • Various skills and practical help can be exchanged. For example: gardening, mentoring, fitness, budgeting, computer skills, shopping, dog walking, playing an instrument, speaking a language, cooking.
  • There are always participants who are able to earn more credits than others. You are welcome to donate some of your credits to fellow members, or to a community pot and ‘top up’ other accounts.

Who can get involved?

  • Time banking is open to people of all ages, abilities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Groups and organisations can sign up to become members of their local time bank such as schools, youth groups, families, cinemas, leisure centres, charities, community centres, museums, libraries, businesses.

How do I get involved?

  1. Click here to “Become a Member” and complete the application form. You will need to provide two references (at least one reference must be from a professional such as a doctor, teacher, pastor).
  2. Once you have submitted your application, your referees will automatically be sent a letter requesting a reference. Your referees will then need to complete a reference on your behalf.
  3. Once we have received two references, we will contact you to go discuss services you wish to offer and services you wish to receive in exchange for your time. We will also explain our Members’ Handbook.
  4. You are then ready to make exchanges with other members. Someone from the Time Bank can facilitate an exchange or you can manage an exchange on-line yourself.

How do I get further information?

  • Our Timebanking co-ordinator, Dot Bailey, can be contacted at timebank@stainescong.org
  • Watch some videos produced by other UK Time Banks.
  • Also,  do visit the UK Time Banking website.
Spelthorne Time Bank May 24, 2016
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