Relationships are important to us

Staines Congregational Church is a lively and active church with a mission to show Christian love in action and to lead people to Jesus Christ.

We are a church where relationships matter – with our Lord, our members and our neighbours.

We are not only a Sunday church – you will find things going on most days and people getting involved in and outside of our buildings in many different ways.

We are a family-friendly church providing regular Bible-centred worship and teaching for everyone in our area.

We look at the Bible as the living Word of God, to Jesus Christ as our only Saviour and to the Holy Spirit as our daily guide and motivator.

We are actively involved in the care of the needy in our community and engage with and support missions and charities locally and worldwide.

Staines Congregational Church is independent but forms part of a national and worldwide network of Bible-centred Congregational churches (EFCC). We are also a member of the Evangelical Alliance and are affiliated to Affinity (via the EFCC).