Our Church Secretary: Sarah Boldero

I took on the role of Church Secretary in May 2019 after previously serving as a Deacon. I heard very clearly from the Lord that this was the role intended for me.

I’ve been attending Staines Cong since the end of 2014 having no background in Christianity. It wasn’t long before I became a Christian and the journey I’m on amazes me each and every day. I feel God’s presence and guidance and I can’t believe just how much my life has changed since first taking those steps into our church.

I’ve lived in Staines since 2009 moving here from South-East London soon after I became a single parent. At that point, I was enjoying my career as a primary school teacher but I’ve taken a change over the past few years and am now working from home as a childminder. I absolutely love my new role, which still sees me developing excellent relationships with the families I work with, but without the heavy marking and planning workload. I certainly wouldn’t have had the time to commit to being Church Secretary if I was still in teaching!

I met my husband, Mark, just a couple of months before I moved to Staines and we got married in 2013. We’re a blended family, which certainly has its challenges, but we support each other the best we can. My son is Alex and Mark’s children are Ben and Lauren. They also attend our church on the weekends they aren’t with their other parents. Mark came to know the Lord just a few months after I did, and it’s fantastic that we can grow our faith together. We now run our own Home Group and are fully committed to the life of the church at Staines Cong.