Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you’re welcome to join our church family:

Home Group

Come and join us at Home Group for Bible study, prayer and fellowship. It is through these small groups that we ensure that the needs of all our church members are cared for spiritually and otherwise.

Espresso Church

Espresso Church is a new way of doing church. Like a shot of your favourite Italian coffee, it aims to be stimulating, fun, informal… and short!

Aimed at teens and twenty-somethings, Espresso Church is run by our young people, for young people. All ages are welcome, but be aware that we will talk about young people’s issues in a way that is relevant to them.

The usual bits of church are all there – band-led worship, testimony, a Bible reading and short talk – but the context is different. We have coffee and cakes (and conversation) constantly on the go, as we sit around tables, café-style. Everything is much more informal and interactive than your average church service.

Don’t wait for an invitation, just turn up – 5.45pm on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. See you there and don’t forget to visit our Facebook page!

Sunday Club

Sunday Club meets on Sunday mornings during the church service (10.30am – 12pm). We have a crèche for the under 3’s and groups which cater for 3 – 11 year olds. We provide a friendly, relaxed environment where we can have fun and learn about the Bible, the life of Jesus and how we can apply these lessons to our own lives.


CAMEO (Come and Meet Each Other) has been established as a group for the women of Staines Cong. We meet over tea and homemade cake and invite friends and neighbours to understand more about our church and what we do. We invite interesting speakers who share a variety of topics including their work in local/global missions. From time to time we listen to inspiring testimonies while our creative members share their skills, e.g. flower arranging and card making. We meet quarterly in March, June, September and December from 3pm to 4.45 pm. We warmly welcome women of all ages to join us. If you are interested contact our church office.

Worship Group

Our Music Group exists to provide band-led worship for Sunday Morning services. The group meets weekly to practice the songs for upcoming services. In recent months we have employed a music coach to help with our band skills and to train up our younger musicians. There are almost enough musicians now to make up an adult music group and a separate youth music group. There is still scope for more musicians and singers to be involved and for someone to take overall leadership of the group – talk to Nick if you are interested

Young People’s Home Group

The Young People’s Home Group is a dynamic collection of teenagers, mostly from Staines Cong, but with several attending as friends from other churches. The YPHG is based firmly around Bible study, both for understanding more about our Christian faith, and for how Bible teaching is meant to be put into action in our lives.   The Christianity Explored course for teens has been taught; prayer is actively encouraged and followed, and every meeting has opportunity for talking to God; for concerns and requests, and for thanks for answered prayers. There is always time during meetings for some social chat but studies, prayers and the overall meeting time all have a tendency to over-run!

The Grid

The Grid accommodates teenagers between the ages of 11 to 14. Here we share and discuss nearly all the issues facing young people today and look to the Bible for answers. We don’t shy away from any questions that teenagers are asking but try to deal with them in an honest, open and friendly environment. 

Buggies and Bikes

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Buggies and Bikes is held for babies and preschool children (accompanied by an adult, usually a parent but may be a grandparent or childminder). The morning starts at 9:45 when the children gather to play with a range of toys. At half past ten, all move into an adjoining room to enjoy drinks, fruit and biscuits, and adults are served tea or coffee.  At 11 o’clock, the children return to the hall for story time and songs followed by elementary craft, puzzles, or other toys.

At Christmas, we have a celebration party, followed by a time in church where the children and adults are encouraged to join in a Nativity service, with our pastor, Nick Gray.

We ask for a small donation towards the cost of the quality materials, toys and refreshments which we provide.

Flower Ministry

Flowers form an integral part of our ministry at Staines Cong. We decorate our place of worship with fresh flowers every Sunday and after the evening service distribute these to members of the congregation or friends who are unwell, celebrating something or as a gesture of thanks. The flower ministry team is looking to strengthen their ranks and would like to encourage people to join them. If this is of interest, please contact the church office  or call 01784 453 256.

Audio Visual Ministry

The Church Audio Visual Team play a vital part at every Sunday Service. The team ensure that each element of the service can be heard. They liaise closely with the Music Team to ensure that both vocals and instruments are used effectively in worship. Attenders who are hard of hearing can make use of the recently upgraded Hearing Aid Loop system by switching their hearing aid to ‘T’. Every service is recorded and sermons can be downloaded from our Sermons page on iTunes.

The Visual Team make full use of up to date technology: notices for the week are displayed on the screen before each service and during the service the words for every song and Bible reading used are also displayed. DVD’s or video clips can be shown either as part of worship or to highlight a prayer or support need in the UK or throughout the world.

We are always happy to welcome new members to the team. If you are interested, do contact our church office.

Maintenance Ministry

We have been gifted by Christians in the past who built a Congregational Church in Staines for which we thank the Lord. It is our privilege to ensure that those who follow us have this gift passed on to them in a good condition.

Most of the day-to-day work of maintaining the buildings and surroundings is done by our diligent caretaker and church member, John. He is a skilled handyman, undertaking many of the small jobs for which we would otherwise have to pay a contractor. He is often helped by other church members and friends.

Larger jobs, for which there are not enough people with the necessary skills or time, are done by outside contractors. This process is initiated by a suggestion going to the Deacons’ meeting where it is discussed, and then to the Church Meeting for their approval. Tenders are sought, and these are discussed and the successful, contractor is appointed. We trust that the Holy Spirit will guide our decisions. Recently completed projects include the redecoration of the church interior and an upgrade of the central heating system.

We are always grateful to the Lord that we have been left such a beautiful place to worship Him and for the people He has brought along to love and care for His Church.


We believe it is important to support taking God’s Word to people around the world through missionary work – Romans 10:15. As a church we support the work of Christian aid society Tearfund and several other missionary efforts. We also support a number of missionary families in places as far afield as Papua New Guinea, Eastern Europe and the Philippines.